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  • World Tricot Compagnie

Architect of the Mesh

Haute Couture, and luxury ready-to-wear, have been enriched by World Tricot's workshop knowledge and expertise.

From the conception of an idea, to its production, Angèle Batist garantie a total control of the cycle.

That is why the brand is the only one in the country, to product in France, from the beggining - until the end, since 1990.  

Angèle Batist promises you the better mesh quality. 

To meet this requirements, each mesh model is knited room by room, made with the remashed skills, hand finished, treated, naturally washed, dried flat, ironed on steam, and creased according to the rules. 

Thanks to our experts' craftsmen knwoledge as in raw materials as in thread, the traditional method is valued.

Thanks to the extradordinary World Tricot's library, our team can work and imagine novel thread and stitchs' combination. 

Prioritizing the experimental aproach helps us to be inspired.

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